Digital Surge vs Swyftx 2023

Martin Parks – Last Updated on November 22, 2022

The most popular way to start trading crypto is to create a user account on a reputable crypto exchange platform with a solid selection of available cryptocurrencies, affordable fees, strong security measures, and helpful customer support team.

However, it’s quite difficult to choose the right crypto trading platform because a considerable number of these exchanges have low liquidity levels, unreasonable fees, and poor security protocols. It’s especially hard for crypto beginners to decide which platforms are worth their while and won’t rob them through high fees and market spreads.

For this reason, we’ve prepared a detailed, side by side review of two of the most popular Australian crypto exchange platforms, Digital Surge and Swyftx, to help you decide which one is a better fit for your needs. We should emphasise upfront that these two platforms are really the best of the best that Aussie crypto traders have at their disposal, alongside CoinSpot and Independent Reserve, so it was very difficult to decide which platform is better. 

Be sure to stick until the end of the review to find out how these two platforms compare against each other and which one is our winner.

Important: Digital Surge has currently halted withdrawals and deposits due to their exposure to FTX (who collapsed following a liquidity crisis), 

Comparison Table

FeaturesDigital SurgeSwyftx
Supported CryptosMore than 300 cryptosMore than 270 cryptos
Trading Fees0.5%0.6%
Deposit FeesPOLi incurs a 2-3.30 AUD fee, PayID and bank account deposits are free of charge.Free 
Withdrawal FeesFreeFree
Average Market Spread0.4%0.4%
Regulatory StatusComplies with AUSTRAC regulationsComplies with AUSTRAC regulations
Customer SupportLive chat, help desk support ticket, and email.Email, support ticket, and live chat.
Payment MethodsBank account transactions, POLi, debit cards, and PayID.Credit cards, bank account transfers, OSKO, debit cards, POLi, and PayID.

Digital Surge Pros and Cons

Digital surge homepage


  • Great selection of cryptos with 300+ coins and tokens
  • Some of the lowest fees among Aussie exchanges, between 0.5% and 0.1%
  • Tight market spreads
  • High platform liquidity
  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Regulated by AUSTRAC and ASIC


  • Doesn’t support debit cards or credit cards.
  • Lacks advanced trading features.
  • No advanced technical analysis tools for price charts.

Swyftx Pros and Cons

Swyftx home page


  • 320+ available cryptocurrencies.
  • Support for all the popular deposit methods in Australia, including POLi, OSKO, and PayID.
  • A flat fee policy of 0.6%.
  • A regulated exchange, registered with AUSTRAC, which complies with anti-money laundering measures.
  • The option to earn interest on 20 leading coins and tokens through the Swyftx Earn feature.


  • The platform lacks a classic trading interface for advanced traders.
  • User funds aren’t insured.
  • Swyftx only operates locally in Australia and New Zealand.


Swyftx is a beginner-friendly crypto exchange. It is easy to use, sports instant buys and sells, a unique demo mode, live chat support, and a mobile app. Swyftx’s demo mode is perfect for beginners since it gives them a chance to practice their trading strategies and ideas with $10,000 virtual money.

And if you don’t want to do any high-risk trading, don’t worry because Swyftx allows staking on 20 different crypto coins so you can earn passive income.

Meanwhile, Digital Surge is also perfectly built with crypto newbies in mind, with a basic user-interface that beginners can easily navigate. Furthermore, Digital Surge come with 24/7 customer support. Additionally, this exchange comes with a cool feature where you can pay your BPAY bills using BTC

Because Swyftx offers more than Digital Surge, it wins the feature category.

Features category winner: Swyftx

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Swyftx has more than 320+ cryptocurrencies while Digital Surge has over 300+ coins.

digital surge cryptocurrencies

Because Swyftx has more cryptocurrencies to offer, it is the clear winner.

Supported cryptocurrencies category winner: Swyftx


Swyftx doesn’t charge fees for withdrawals and deposit transactions, while their trading fees are 0.6%.

As for Digital Surge, they don’t charge deposit fees for PayID. However, if you use POLi, there will be a fee of $2 to $3.30. Digital Surge withdrawals are free and the trading fees are 0.5%, If you’re a high-volume crypto trader over the past 30 days, Digital Surge can reduce the trading fees.

Because Digital Surge has low trading fees of 0.5% and has free deposits and free AUD withdrawals using PayID, it wins this battle.

Fees category winner: Digital Surge 

Customer Support

Swyftx offers live chat support but uses robots for most queries. If you happen to have a complex question, you might get stuck in a conversation loop with an AI instead of a real human. Of course, they have a real human support, but that could take a long time upon request. They also have email support if you’re willing to wait.

As for Digital Surge, they have both live chat and email support. Their response time for their live chat support is under one minute, which is pretty fast. Furthermore, Digital Surge offers a comprehensive knowledge base for a variety of frequently asked questions.

Customer support category winner: Digital Surge

Deposit Methods

Both Swyftx and Digital Surge offer a number of different deposit methods to fund your account. Swyftx and Digital Surge allow deposits made using cryptocurrency, POLi, and PayID.

The difference is that Swyftx supports debit card and credit card deposits (with no fees on any deposit methods), while Digital Surge does not.

Deposit methods category winner: Swytx


Swyftx is a very safe platform that comes with a number of security features to protect their users’ assets and data. Some of these security features include conducting external penetration testing, consultation with 3rd party security auditors, know-your-customer verification, two-factor authentication, and biometric authentication.

Meanwhile, Digital Surge is also a very safe plus trusted crypto exchange. They always update their multi-layered security to protect their users. Most of their cryptocurrency holdings are stored in an offline cold storage to prevent hacking.

Both Swyftx and Digital Surge have no reported hacks since their establishment.

Security category winner: Tie


When you think about it, Swyftx and Digital Surge are pretty similar to each other. Both of them are made with beginners in mind, they offer more than 300+ crypto, and with low fees and spreads. However, Swyftx comes with a few more features like a demo mode and staking that makes it the better exchange. Furthermore, Swyftx offers free Bitcoin worth $20 to anyone who signs up through this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Swyftx a secure exchange?

Yes, Swyftx is a super-secure crypto exchange with a clean track record regarding platform hacks. The platform has never been hacked, it stores the majority of funds in offline hardware wallets, while user accounts are protected by passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA).

Does Swyftx have Australian-based customer support?

Yes, the platform has a native, Australian-based support team and they are highly professional when it comes to answering user inquiries.

Is Swyftx good for beginners?

Swyftx is a great crypto exchange for beginners because it’s very easy to use. The mobile app is ever easier to use, and comes with a smooth user-interface. Every feature is just a few clicks away.

Is Swyftx an Australian company?

Yes, Swyftx is an Australian company with headquarters in Brisbane.

Who is Swyftx owned by?

Swyftx is a private company owned by crypto enthusiasts Angus Goldman and Alex Harper, the founders of the platform.

Does Swyftx have a withdrawal limit?

Swyftx has a daily fiat withdrawal limit of 100,000 AUD.

Who owns Digital Surge?

The platform is founded and owned by two Australian crypto enthusiasts and software experts Josh Lehman and Dan Rutter.

Is Digital Surge a crypto wallet?

No, Digital Surge is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, but it does provide users with a crypto wallet within their accounts. Users can store any cryptos available on Digital Surge in their account’s wallet.

How many customers does Digital Surge have?

Digital Surge has quickly grown to become one of the leading crypto exchanges in Australia since its launch in 2017. It’s estimated that the platform has more than 300,000 users.

Best Crypto Exchanges Compared

ExchangeDeposit MethodsFiat CurrenciesCryptocurrenciesTrading FeesDeposit FeesWithdrawal Fees

Swyftx Logo

Osko, PayID, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, CryptocurrencyAustralian Dollars, New Zealand DollarsMore than 3200.6%Fiat Deposits: $0 Crypto: $0Fiat Withdrawals: $0 Crypto: $0Visit Swyftx

CoinSpot Logo

POLi, PayID, Cash, Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfer, BPAYAustralian DollarsMore than 370OTC: 0.1% Market Order: 0.1%* (applies to LTC, BTC, ETH, XRP, POWR, DOGE, TRX, NEO, XLM, GAS, RChain, RFOX, EOS) Instant Buy/Sell: 1% Direct Deposit: $0 Direct Bank Transfer: $0 BPAY: 0.9% Cash: 2.5% PayID, POLi, and direct deposits: $0 Fiat Withdrawals: $0Visit CoinSpot

Binance Logo

Osko, PayID, Credit Card, Debit Card, CryptoUS Dollars, Australian Dollars, and 8 moreMore than 6000% to 0.1%$0VaryVisit Binance

Bybit logo

Crypto, EFT, wire transfer, bank transfer, debit card or credit card50+More than 1600.1% to 0.6%Bank transfer: $0Network feesVisit Bybit

Independent Reserve
Independent Reserve Logo

EFT, SWIFT, Osko, PayID, CryptoAustralian Dollars, US Dollars, New Zealand Dollars270.05% to 0.5%For SWIFT Deposits: $15 for deposits under AU$5,000 equivalent $0 for deposits over AU$5,000 equivalent For EFT Deposits: AU$0.99 for deposits under $100 $0 for deposits over AU$100Crypto: Vary Bank Transfer: $0 for AUD, $20 for non-AUDVisit Independent Reserve logo

SWIFT, Crypto, Fedwire, Wise, PayPal, SEPA, BPAY, Bank Transfer (ACH), Debit Card, Credit CardUSD, AUD, CAD, CHF and 15+ more250+ 0.04% to 0.4% 0% for cryptocurrency and fiat currencies FREE via bank transfer. $25 for USDC withdrawal via SWIFT NetworkVisit

Coinbase Exchange Logo

EFT, SWIFT, Osko, PayID, CryptoAustralian Dollars, US Dollars, New Zealand DollarsMore than 210Fees VaryDebit Card and Credit Card: 3.99%Spending USDC with Coinbase Card: $0 ATM Withdrawals: 2.49%Visit Coinbase

Coinjar logo

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Fiat, CryptoAustralian Dollars, Pound SterlingMore than 50+Taker: 0.04 to 0.1% Maker: 0.04 to 0.1%CoinJar Users: $0 NPP: $0 Cash: 1.5%$0Visit CoinJar

Kraken Logo

Apple Pay, Google Pay, SWIFT, Osko, SEPA, Crypto, Wire Transfer, Bank TransferAustralian Dollars, US Dollars, and 5 moreMore than 140Taker: 0.10% to 0.26% Maker: 0.00% to 0.16%VaryVaryVisit Kraken

BTC Markets
BTCMarkets exchange logo

Crypto, BPAY, EFT, PayID, OskoAustralian DollarsMore than 15Taker Fee (for Bitcoin pairs): 0.20% Maker Fee (for Bitcoin pairs): -0.05% Australian Dollars Market Pairs: 0.10% to 0.85%$0Australian Bank Accounts: $0 Cryptocurrencies: VaryVisit BTC Markets

Easy Crypto
EasyCrypto Exchange Logo

P2P, POLi, and Bank TransfersAustralian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, South African RandMore than 401%$0$0Visit Easy Crypto

coinstash logo

Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfer, PayID AUDMore than 140Taker fees: 0.85% Maker fees: 0.85%$0$0Visit Coinstash

eToro Logo

Online Banking, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Debit CardAustralian Dollars, US Dollars, Euro, and 12 moreMore than 70VaryVary$5 (minimum withdrawal of $50)Visit eToro

Kucoin Exchange Logo

Credit Card, Debit Card, SEPA, PayPal, Wire Transfer, CryptoUS Dollars, Euro, Australian Dollars, and 6 moreMore than 6450.1%$0VaryVisit KuCoin