Easy Crypto Review for 2023

Martin Parks – Last Updated on August 27, 2022

When choosing a crypto exchange for conducting everyday investments and trading operations, some of the most important aspects I look at are platform fees, supported coins, ease of use, and extra features. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Easy Crypto, one of the most popular Aussie crypto exchanges, excels in all of these areas.

Easy Crypto Australia is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is available to Australians which makes it easy for anyone to participate in the crypto space. This Aussie exchange allows users to buy digital assets using the most simple fastest, most efficient, and secure manner, and without having to hold any of your money in cryptocurrency as well as Australian dollars.

Easy Crypto Australia guarantees that you are in complete charge of the assets you own all time, and offers a 100% money safety assurance for all types of transactions. If you’re still not sure the best feature in the Easy Crypto Australia is the ability to buy and sell crypto quickly.

Let’s take a deeper look at Easy Crypto and check all the key characteristics that make it the go-to crypto exchange for Australian users.

CountryAustralian and New Zealand
Mobile appYes
Deposit MethodsBank transfer, POLi, OSKO, P2P
Trading Fees0.5% – 1.6%
Fiat CurrenciesAUD
CryptocurrenciesBitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), and 100+ additional coins
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  • Perfect for beginners
  • Great security and support
  • No hidden fees
  • Auto-buy feature with dollar cost average strategy
  • Quality selection of crypto assets


  • High volume trades delay processing

What Is Easy Crypto?

Easy Crypto Australia is a cryptocurrency exchange platform designed for Australians which makes it easy for anyone to be involved in the world of cryptocurrency. This Aussie exchange allows users to buy digital assets using the simplest fastest, most efficient, and safe way, with no need to keep all of their funds in cryptocurrency as well as Australian dollars.

easy crypto homepage

Easy Crypto Australia guarantees that you are in complete in control over your investments at all time, and provides a 100% money safety assurance for all orders. If you’re still not sure one of the main advantages that is offered by Easy Crypto Australia is the ability to buy and sell crypto quickly.

Easy Crypto Australia is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange. This means that none of your cryptocurrency assets or your AUD are kept in the Easy Crypto Australian platform. Your digital currency you purchase are sent directly to your bank account. Any sales you make are refunded directly out of your wallets too.

Easy Crypto Features

You don’t need to transfer money in the Easy Crypto Australian account online prior to purchasing any cryptocurrency. Simply select the cryptocurrency you’d like to purchase and then on the purchase page, you can transfer the funds directly to your account at the banks. This is the perfect platform to Aussie crypto traders since you don’t have to convert your Australian dollars into USD prior to making any purchase.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Easy Crypto Australia also supports more than 100 different cryptocurrency types which include the most popular ones like BCH, BTC, ETH, ADA, NEO, and LTC just to mention some.

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Easy Crypto Fees

If it comes to charges, Easy Crypto Australia is completely transparent regarding their fees. There aren’t any charges for withdrawals, deposits or deposit fees or hidden fees! However there are trading charges which range from 0.5 percent to 1.6 percentage.


In addition, as we’ve mentioned earlier, Easy Crypto Australia guarantees that you can purchase or sell crypto with confidence since they offer a 100 percent security of your funds. Making use of Easy Crypto Australia ensures that you’re not in danger loss of your precious funds. The 100% security of your funds assurance doesn’t just cover Easy Crypto Australia but also the exchange’s providers.

KYC/AML Compliant and AUSTRAC-regulated

If you’re still unsure be aware this: Easy Crypto Australia is a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange because it is KYC/AML compliant and is regulated by AUSTRAC to stop money laundering and financing terrorist financing.

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How to Use Easy Crypto

Now, let’s check some of the basic operations on Easy Crypto. I’ll walk you through these procedures just to show you how simple it is to use the platform.

To begin purchasing Crypto through the Easy Crypto platform, users should follow the steps laid out in the next paragraphs:


Users must visit their Easy Crypto website and click on “Create an Account”. After that, you’ll get three choices to sign into your account using Google and sign in with Email or sign in using Facebook.

Submit Verification Documents

To confirm their account , customers have to submit documents that are conforms to the KYC protocol in order to make deposits of USD or crypto. The documentation is needed for passports as well as driver’s license information. To verify their identity, customers must select My Account, and then select Verification. After the verification process has been complete, they will be able to transfer funds into their accounts using the currency of AUD.

Deposit Funds

To deposit funds to pay for purchases Easy Crypto users may use POLi payment or bank transfer that are a fast payment method.

Start Trading

After the traders have transferred deposits of the funds to the account of their Easy Crypto account and have deposited the funds into their Easy Crypto account, they are able to purchase crypto. To purchase crypto, they need to:

  • Select the coin they’d like to purchase.
  • Input the dollar amount they’d prefer to invest in.
  • Make sure you have the correct order information and choose Buy Now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Easy Crypto Report To The ATO?

As a service for cryptocurrency exchange approved through AUSTRAC, Easy Crypto is required to submit a statement in behalf of AUSTRAC. Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Customers also have to submit their crypto trading activity in ATO. ATO to be sure of having to file tax returns at the end of the calendar year.

Can I Buy Dogecoin With Easy Crypto?

Yes, you are able to purchase Dogecoin by using Easy Crypto. If you’re looking to purchase Dogecoin with no trading fees I’d suggest using Capital instead.

Is Easy Crypto Insured?

Absolutely, cryptocurrency investments of Easy Crypto are protected. Even though Easy Crypto is a non-custodial exchange, they’ll guarantee the funds of their customers immediately following the transfer of funds and, if one of Easy Crypto’s partners fail to retrieve their funds, they’ll take full liability.

Is Easy Crypto Safe & Secure?

Yes, trading through Easy Crypto is 100% safe and secure. Easy Crypto employs two-factor Authentication (2FA) for protect accounts. In addition, it does not keep the crypto assets of customers and therefore is protected from hackers. It is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Is Easy Crypto Legit?

Absolutely the Easy Crypto website is authentic. It uses a Single Sign-On (SSO) method of encryption All accounts are secured by Two-Factor verification (2FA). More than 130,000 customers from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa trust Easy Crypto.

Does Easy Crypto Offer Referral Bonuses?

Easy Crypto doesn’t currently have any promotion or referral coupons, as they do not offer an initial sign-up bonus. If you’re looking to sign up for a reward, it’s possible to receive 30 dollars of reward cash through Swyftx and also an additional 40 percent bonus from Digital Surge, and a $25 bonus from CoinJar.

Is Easy Crypto Legal In Australia?

It’s real it is true that Easy Crypto is legal in Australia. The firm is registered with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) and is acquiesces to all of the Australian Financial Regulations, and is completely compliant with The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act (AML/CTF).

Does Easy Crypto Verify Accounts Immediately?

Yes, Easy Crypto can verify accounts in just a few minutes. However, if your account is required to go through manual verification for any reason , here will be the documentation you’ll require:

  • Driver’s Licence
  • Passport

Is Easy Crypto Good For Aussies?

Easy Crypto is a decent Australian cryptocurrency-based platform. However for those looking for the most comprehensive experience in trading I suggest you make use Capital. Capital instead. Capital offers a greater range of services than Easy Crypto, and I’m sure that you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience when you use Capital.


To sum it up, security and reliability are one of the top characteristics in Easy Crypto Australia. It also features a minimalist and modern user interface which makes trading cryptocurrency more effortless and seamless!

Easy Crypto is definitely one of the best crypto exchanges in Australia for beginners!