How to Buy Aragon (ANT) in Australia

1. Choose a crypto exchange

First things first, you need an exchange that both has Aragon, and is trustworthy!

You can find our top 3 exchanges for buying Aragon here, alternatively you can also check our comparison of the best Australian crypto trading platforms, if you’re generally interested in seeing which exchanges work for Australians.

2. Sign up with the crypto exchange

Once you’ve chosen your crypto exchange, it’s just a matter of signing up and getting your account verified. Most exchanges have streamlined this process very well so it shouldn’t take long.

3. Fund your account

The next step is to transfer AUD or another cryptocurrency into your account. Most top crypto exchanges offer various payment methods. From bank transfer to PayID, POLi pay and credit cards, it’s very straightforward.

4. Buy Aragon

And of course, the final step is to find Aragon on the exchange and buy it. A lot of exchanges offer different ways of buying cryptocurrencies, like market orders and limit orders.

Where to Buy Aragon (ANT)

ExchangeRatingAvailable CryptocurrenciesFeesVisit Site
Swyftx Logo5/5350+0.6%VISIT SITE
Binance Logo4.5/5300+0.1%VISIT SITE
Digital Surge Logo4/5200+VariesVISIT SITE

How to Sell Aragon

  1. Sign into the exchange
  2. Find where you stored your Aragon, either on a hardware wallet or on the exchange.
  3. Transfer your Aragon to the right place on the exchange, it could just be the same wallet or a dedicated trading account.
  4. Sell Aragon.
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Considerations when looking to buy Aragon.

Aragon (ANT), an open-source, nonprofit blockchain protocol, is designed to make it easier to create and manage Dapps, Blockchain Protocols and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and other blockchain protocols. Through its modular approach to common business functions, the platform aims to encourage corporate adoption of blockchain technology. Aragon has enjoyed great success since its inception. Over 900 million of value is stored on the platform across 15,000 DAOs. The best part is that the network's functionality and code can be managed collectively through a governance model.

Aragon aims to address one of the greatest roadblocks to corporate adoption: the shortage of affordable blockchain professionals. Overhead is a major cost of running a corporation. Aragon hopes to reduce overhead costs and increase efficiency through its programmable DAOs.

Aragon offers companies the fastest and most efficient way to create a DAO. In that the network relies on pre-configured modules, which can be tailored to your company's needs, it functions in a similar way to a website builder. Aragon offers a valuable service that allows any company to harness the power of blockchain technology, without having to hire an in-house specialist.

Aragon's security team was very concerned about this. To ensure security, the network relies on an open-source code and the Ethereum blockchain. The network is an open-source project that has been rigorously reviewed by the Ethereum community.

Although programming a DAO can be difficult, Aragon makes it possible for anyone new to blockchain technology. Because all the essential features and functionalities are included in the interactive interface, companies don't have to hire any blockchain specialists. Aragon (ANT), went to great lengths in order to ensure that the base module includes all administrative functions required by modern companies.

Modules can be used to cover things like shareholder voting, token sales and accounts payable and receivable. Modules that allow access control and ownership for companies can be found. It is remarkable how comprehensive the system is, as it includes payroll and HR onboarding.

Companies can also customize the features of these base modules to improve their effectiveness. These modifications can be done via the interface or, if necessary, directly in the open source code. Aragon is able to meet almost any type of organization's needs.

Aragon users also have access to a worldwide network of like-minded people. Companies can collaborate with others from other regions around the globe through Aragon's platform. This allows for ideas to be exchanged and helps streamline the onboarding process for new users.

Aragon introduces digital jurisdictions through the Aragon Court. This system enforces digital contracts among organizations. This protocol was created by developers to allow for the settlement of disputes not covered in preprogrammed modules.

Aragon users have full transparency in the use of the network. They can monitor the expenditure of DAO funds. This allows all users to share the benefits of this network with confidence.