How to Buy Coti (COTI) in Australia

1. Choose a crypto exchange

First things first, you need an exchange that both has Coti, and is trustworthy!

You can find our top 3 exchanges for buying Coti here, alternatively you can also check our comparison of the best Australian crypto trading platforms, if you’re generally interested in seeing which exchanges work for Australians.

2. Sign up with the crypto exchange

Once you’ve chosen your crypto exchange, it’s just a matter of signing up and getting your account verified. Most exchanges have streamlined this process very well so it shouldn’t take long.

3. Fund your account

The next step is to transfer AUD or another cryptocurrency into your account. Most top crypto exchanges offer various payment methods. From bank transfer to PayID, POLi pay and credit cards, it’s very straightforward.

4. Buy Coti

And of course, the final step is to find Coti on the exchange and buy it. A lot of exchanges offer different ways of buying cryptocurrencies, like market orders and limit orders.

Where to Buy Coti (COTI)

ExchangeRatingAvailable CryptocurrenciesFeesVisit Site
Swyftx Logo5/5350+0.6%VISIT SITE
Binance Logo4.5/5300+0.1%VISIT SITE
Digital Surge Logo4/5200+VariesVISIT SITE

How to Sell Coti

  1. Sign into the exchange
  2. Find where you stored your Coti, either on a hardware wallet or on the exchange.
  3. Transfer your Coti to the right place on the exchange, it could just be the same wallet or a dedicated trading account.
  4. Sell Coti.
Businessman looking at crypto trend

Considerations when looking to buy Coti.

COTI claims it is the first fintech platform for enterprises that allows them to create their own payment solutions and digitize any currency in order to save both time and money.

COTI is the first global blockchain protocol that can be used for decentralized payments. It is designed for merchants, governments and stablecoin issues.

COTI Pay is COTI's first application. It is described as an all-encompassing blockchain finance. The COTI Group was launched in March 2017, and the Staking Platform was launched on January 1, 2020.

This ecosystem is specifically designed to address all the problems associated with traditional finance. It includes fees, latency, global inclusion, risks, and latency. The DAG-based protocol and infrastructure are used to achieve this. They are scalable, private, inclusive, fast, and easy to use.

The ecosystem includes DAG-based blockchain, proof of trust consensus algorithm, multiDAG and GTS (Global Trust System), as well as a universal payment solution.

COTI's platform is what makes it unique.

The platform allows companies to create sophisticated fintech products quickly and easily, while saving time, data, and money. COTI Pay can process all types of payments, online and offline. It can process crypto, stablecoins as well as credit cards or native coins. You can earn interest on your deposits or loans, and it also has financing. It also connects to the white label payment network.

Merchants and customers can expect to pay billions of dollars annually for traditional payment systems. The white label payment network, which is open to both merchants and users, allows transactions to be made via a digital wallet, cryptocurrency, and many other means.

COTI is the first platform to allow the creation of stable-priced coins. COTI allows users to create their own stable coins and retain full control of their money and data.