How to Buy IoTeX (IOTX) in Australia

1. Choose a crypto exchange

First things first, you need an exchange that both has IoTeX, and is trustworthy!

You can find our top 3 exchanges for buying IoTeX here, alternatively you can also check our comparison of the best Australian cryptocurrency exchanges if you’re generally interested in seeing which exchanges work for Australians.

2. Sign up with the crypto exchange

Once you’ve chosen your crypto exchange, it’s just a matter of signing up and getting your account verified. Most exchanges have streamlined this process very well so it shouldn’t take long.

3. Fund your account

The next step is to transfer AUD or another cryptocurrency into your account. Most top crypto exchanges offer various payment methods. From bank transfer to PayID, POLi pay and credit cards, it’s very straightforward.

4. Buy IoTeX

And of course, the final step is to find IoTeX on the exchange and buy it. A lot of exchanges offer different ways of buying cryptocurrencies, like market orders and limit orders.

Where to Buy IoTeX (IOTX)

ExchangeRatingAvailable CryptocurrenciesFeesVisit Site
Swyftx Logo5/5350+0.6%VISIT SITE
Binance Logo4.5/5300+0.1%VISIT SITE
Digital Surge Logo4/5200+VariesVISIT SITE

How to Sell IoTeX

  1. Sign into the exchange
  2. Find where you stored your IoTeX, either on a hardware wallet or on the exchange.
  3. Transfer your IoTeX to the right place on the exchange, it could just be the same wallet or a dedicated trading account.
  4. Sell IoTeX.
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Considerations when looking to buy IoTeX.

IoTeX was founded in 2017 as an open-source project. It has since developed a decentralized platform that aims to enable the open economics of machines. This open ecosystem allows people and machines to interact with each other with guaranteed trust and free will under carefully designed economic incentives.

IoTeX is a global network of 40 researchers scientists and engineers. The blockchain was built using the Roll-DPoS consensus. It was launched in April 2019 and has already processed over 10 million transactions. On top of the IoTeX blockchain, the team has built the essential blocks of infrastructures to connect with Ethereum, BSC, and Heco blockchains such as ioPay wallet ( and ioTube bridge (, which serve ten thousands of users. IoTeX allows EVM-based DApps to scale without worrying about expensive gas fees

To enable self-sovereign devices like Ucam real-world Oracles such as Pebble, middleware, such as Decentralized Identity and Confidential Computing, has been built on top IoTeX Blockchain. The former ( has been deployed to 3000+ households ( and still proliferates. The latter, however, was launched to 300+ developers at first and allows innovative Dapps that link the physical world and the crypto world. This includes weather derivatives and real-world NFTs.

IoTeX serves as the central backbone of machine economics and is used to support everything from autonomous cars to smart home devices. IoTeX developed and launched a fast, high performance, and EVM compatible blockchain to achieve this goal. It allows for flexibility and scaleability for different applications. To bring self-sovereign devices to life and real-world oracles to reality, Dapps and middlewares are also built on top.

IOTX is the native cryptocurrency that governs the underlying Blockchain protocol and serves as the gas for that protocol. Burndrop ( is a unique economical design that leads to deflation of IOTX while the number of devices orchestrated by IoTeX increases.