How to Buy JOE (JOE) in Australia

1. Choose a crypto exchange

First things first, you need an exchange that both has JOE, and is trustworthy!

You can find our top 3 exchanges for buying JOE here, alternatively you can also check our comparison of the best crypto trading platforms in Australia if you’re generally interested in seeing which exchanges work for Australians.

2. Sign up with the crypto exchange

Once you’ve chosen your crypto exchange, it’s just a matter of signing up and getting your account verified. Most exchanges have streamlined this process very well so it shouldn’t take long.

3. Fund your account

The next step is to transfer AUD or another cryptocurrency into your account. Most top crypto exchanges offer various payment methods. From bank transfer to PayID, POLi pay and credit cards, it’s very straightforward.

4. Buy JOE

And of course, the final step is to find JOE on the exchange and buy it. A lot of exchanges offer different ways of buying cryptocurrencies, like market orders and limit orders.

Where to Buy JOE (JOE)

ExchangeRatingAvailable CryptocurrenciesFeesVisit Site
Swyftx Logo5/5350+0.6%VISIT SITE
Binance Logo4.5/5300+0.1%VISIT SITE
Digital Surge Logo4/5200+VariesVISIT SITE

How to Sell JOE

  1. Sign into the exchange
  2. Find where you stored your JOE, either on a hardware wallet or on the exchange.
  3. Transfer your JOE to the right place on the exchange, it could just be the same wallet or a dedicated trading account.
  4. Sell JOE.
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Considerations when looking to buy JOE.

JOE (JOE), the native token of Trade Joe, is a decentralized exchange (DEX), on the Avalanche blockchain. It offers DeFi services such as swapping, staking, and yield farming. Since its launch in June 2021, the exchange has seen rapid growth and attracted more than $4 billion in total value locked TVL. Trader Joe believes in a community-first approach and prioritizes safety, speed, and innovation. It is a DeFi shop that offers a single-stop solution and integrates new products without compromising security. Trader Joe has created an ambitious roadmap to help token-holder growth. It will improve staking, NFT exchange listings, collateralization, and leveraged trade -- all within 2021.

Trader Joe offers all the functionality you would expect from a modern DEX, along with a simple user interface and quick and inexpensive transactions. Participating in one of the yield farms will earn you JOE (JOE), which can be staked to later vote on governance proposals. The lending protocol Banker Joe is based on Compound (COMP). It allows users to borrow or lend money in a non-custodial way. Users can open leveraged positions with borrowed or provided funds.

Trader Joe is introducing new options to increase the utility and adoption for the JOE token. These options are designed to transform the project into the main DeFi platform within Avalanche. JOE will allow users to borrow against it as collateral. Trader Joe plans to allow users to trade futures, options, and limit orders on its platform. Trader Joe's speed and comic-book-like branding have attracted strong support from the DeFi community, including Stani Kulechov, founder of AAVE (AAVE), and Darren Lau.