How to Buy Kadena (KDA) in Australia

1. Choose a crypto exchange

First things first, you need an exchange that both has Kadena, and is trustworthy!

You can find our top 3 exchanges for buying Kadena here, alternatively you can also check our comparison of the best Australian crypto trading platforms, if you’re generally interested in seeing which exchanges work for Australians.

2. Sign up with the crypto exchange

Once you’ve chosen your crypto exchange, it’s just a matter of signing up and getting your account verified. Most exchanges have streamlined this process very well so it shouldn’t take long.

3. Fund your account

The next step is to transfer AUD or another cryptocurrency into your account. Most top crypto exchanges offer various payment methods. From bank transfer to PayID, POLi pay and credit cards, it’s very straightforward.

4. Buy Kadena

And of course, the final step is to find Kadena on the exchange and buy it. A lot of exchanges offer different ways of buying cryptocurrencies, like market orders and limit orders.

Where to Buy Kadena (KDA)

ExchangeRatingAvailable CryptocurrenciesFeesVisit Site
Swyftx Logo5/5350+0.6%VISIT SITE
Binance Logo4.5/5300+0.1%VISIT SITE
Digital Surge Logo4/5200+VariesVISIT SITE

How to Sell Kadena

  1. Sign into the exchange
  2. Find where you stored your Kadena, either on a hardware wallet or on the exchange.
  3. Transfer your Kadena to the right place on the exchange, it could just be the same wallet or a dedicated trading account.
  4. Sell Kadena.
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Considerations when looking to buy Kadena.

Kadena, a proof-of work blockchain that combines Bitcoin's PoW consensus mechanism with DAG principles, is a proof of work version of Bitcoin. Kadena claims that it is able to provide the security and throughput of Bitcoin, while also being able make the blockchain accessible to entrepreneurs and enterprises. Kadena's multi-chain approach to infrastructure design makes it decentralized and ready for mass adoption.

Kadena promises industrial scaleability to support global financial systems, and can be scaled up as needed. Kadena promises to be energy-efficient and will deliver more transactions for the same energy input as Bitcoin. Kadena also offers crypto gas stations that allow businesses to pay their customers' gas costs and eliminate a major pain point when adopting blockchains in business.

Kadena already increased its network size from 10 to 20 blockchains. If necessary, it can also do so in the future. Kadena's private Kuro layer two blockchain was the final addition. It supports up to 8 000 transactions per second across 500 nodes.

Kadena is a public proof of work blockchain that combines two distinct consensus mechanisms: DAG, and proof-ofwork. It offers unparalleled throughput.

Kadena does this by braiding together chains, which means it has not one, but many (20) distinct blockchains that work simultaneously and asynchronously in order to validate transactions. This allows Kadena the ability to create multiple blocks at once, increasing its throughput. This increases security as attackers are able to wait less time between confirmations of blocks.

Kadena employs a directed acyclic diagram structure to scale from one proof of work blockchain to theoretically unlimited amounts. Kadena's DAG structure is fixed, multi-channel and means that its blockchains communicate only with three peer chains, instead of randomly verifying transactions. This increases real-world performance as well as scalability.

Kadena is able to scale according to the user's needs. Adoption is the biggest limitation. Scaling and adding more blockchains require the network to undergo hard forks. Kadena could theoretically scale to 50-100 blockchains, or more if there is continued adoption. However, the process is not always automatic. Once the network becomes overloaded, the fees go up and the DAO miners are encouraged to work together to reconfigure the network to a greater size.